About us

The Preset Story,
is used by thousands across the globe.

Our Identity

Behind The Brand

The Preset Story was started by in 2017 by Guillaume Loyer with the mission of providing high quality, relevant, fully adjustable editing tools that speed up your editing workflow at an affordable price. We carefully select color solutions for each collection so that they create a single ensemble of your photographs taken in different conditions of consecration.

A Unique Vision

As professional photographers, we are always looking to speed up our photo editing work, and we always want our photos to stand out from the crowd. How can we make this possible? After working with Lightroom and discovering the joys of presets over the last 7 years, we realised that creating our own presets was not only possible, but incredibly helpful for all our photo-editing needs.

Choose Your Style

Lightroom saves a lot of time and our retouched photos have a distinct, recognisable style. Presets designed for professionals or even just for fun use Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and DC, and you can even use Lightroom on smart phones. Our collections of The Preset Story have been created in many diverse styles. It’s great to be able to offer resources that help other photographers and artists. We hope you will use these tools to help you through the process!

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